Kynance Cove is one of my favourite, favourite, favourite places in the world. The Cornish beach fills me with so much happiness. I can never work out whether my reaction to seeing it is for the first team each year is rooted in sensation, memory or anticipation. Since the age of one, I’ve visited this beach at least once a year (sometimes it’s been more like 50 or 60 times). I find the sea equally calming and exciting every single time I see it and I just know that one day I’ll live near it again.

One of the most southerly beaches in the country located just south of The Lizard, it’s a messy, cold, blustery masterpiece of rock pools, enormous waves and beaches with two sides where waves meet in the middle. With Asparagus Island on one side, cliffs on another side, Gull Rock and Blue Judith’s Pool (which me and my cousins may or may not have made up the name for) it epitomises my childhood.

This time I visited I chose to focus on the serpentine rock that the beach and The Lizard are known for. The blues, greens, veins and patterns look equally as beautifully patterned whether dry or wet. I feel like it’s a more British, hardier version of turquoise, my birthstone.