p7We’ve spent a lazy Sunday morning mooching around Petersham Nurseries, Richmond’s (and possibly London’s) premier gardening and lifestyle experience. A wander along the bucolic, walled plains that lead down to the Thames brings you into the nurseries. Each sub-garden is quartered by long, narrow greenhouses which bulge at the seams. One greenhouse holds the hordes of hungry gardeners who come to eat fresh produce in either the Teahouse or Michelin starred Restaurant. Another greenhouse holds gardening utensils, pottery and ceramics- all expertly curated with both a nod to horticulture as well as interior set-dressing. Everything is nearly chic but with a touch of elegantly distressed that makes this location so utterly south-west London.

Flowers decorate every available surface. Spring roses, herbs, bushes and trees are potted in neat rows, as well as being left in flourishing, allotment style beds within the hinterlands of the garden. Ballerina trees, Foxgloves, Lavendar and herbs with medicinal uses are a direct invitation to live a life of horticultural success. My fingers itched to reach out for the nearest wisteria or olive tree to decorate our distinctly urban terrace. I found myself idly wondering whether I could sign up to a class at the nursery and learn how to grow and nuture a plant – something which I’ve had absolutely dismal levels of success in the past. I dream a greenfingered dream.